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Almira Township Zoning

Zoning Department

Duties and Power of the Zoning Administrator

The Zoning Administrator, or designee, shall enforce this Ordinance, and shall have the authority to:

A. Approve all zoning permits and certificates of compliance.

B. Conduct inspection of all buildings and structures and the use of all lands subject to the provisions of this ordinance to determine compliance.

C. Maintain permanent and correct records of this ordinance including, but not limited to zoning permits, exceptions, variances and appeals.

D. Provide and maintain a public information office relative to all matters arising out of the administration of the ordinance.

E. Investigate all applications for uses subject to special approval and variances addressed to the Township Planning Commission and Board of Appeals, and report these findings to the Commission and Board.

F. Initiate appropriate action for proceedings to prevent, restrain, correct or abate any illegal act in violation of this Ordinance.


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