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Planning Commission

The Planning Commission

• Consists of seven members appointed by the Township Supervisor, and

   each member serves a 3-year term

• Creates and adopts a Master Plan to guide the township’s future land

   use patterns

• Creates and adopts other related plans and studies

• Reviews and approves most development proposals – some proposals

   require final approval by the Township Board

• Makes recommendations on rezoning requests

• Drafts and makes recommendations on zoning ordinance refinements

   and updates

• Makes recommendations on other general law ordinances, as needed

• Planning Commission meetings are open to the public, and all are

   encouraged to attend to have a voice in your government. The regular

   meeting schedule is the 1st Tuesday of the month at 6:00p.m. at the

   Almira Township Hall in the Village of Lake Ann.

Master Plan

Click below for the Almira Township Master Plan, which was updated in 2024.

Master Plan (Linking currently not working) 06-11-2024


Recreation Plan

Click below for the Almira Township Recreation Plan, which was updated August 2023

Recreation Plan

Click here for 2024 Meeting Schedule


Ryan Ratajczak - Chairperson 

Kurt Swartz - Vice Chairperson

Melisa Martin - Secretary/ZBA Representative

Lori Florip -  Township Board Representative

Shannon Jordan

Vince Edwards

Duane Newman


Almira Township | 7276 Ole White Dr | Lake Ann, MI 49650 | 231-275-5862