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Engine 7

2017 Rosenbauer Commander Pumper

Capacities: 750 gallon tank, 30 gallon foam tank, 1500 GPM pump

Special equipped with Genesis extrication tools.


Bravo 71

Demers Ambulance on a 2020 Ford F-550 (4x4) chassis

First out Basic Life Support ambulance that is specially equipped with a Stryker power-load and power-cot, LifePak 15 Cardiac Monitor/AED, LUCAS CPR device, and Genesis combination extrication tool.


Bravo 72

Med-Tec Ambulance on a 1997 Ford chassis

Second out Basic Life Support ambulance.

Pumper Tanker 7

2021 Rosenbauer Freightliner Commercial Pumper Tanker

Capacities: 3000 gallon tank, 1250 GPM pump

Squad 7

2022 Toyota Tacoma (4x4)

Licensed as Medical First Response to provide support on medical scenes as needed. Also utilized for transport of firefighters to scenes, classes, meetings, and used as a command vehicle when applicable.


Brush 7

1986 Chevy Pickup (4x4)

Capacity: 140 gallon tank

Utilized for brush/wildland fires.



The ATV and rescue sled are used for fires and victim rescues in limited access areas. 

Marine 7

Mercury Inflatable Dinghy

Utilized for water rescues or areas that are only accessible by water. Almira Township houses 36 lakes in which the vast majority of them are not accessible by roadways therefore a small portable watercraft is beneficial.



4x4 UTV with suppression and rescue capabilities to be utilized in hard to access areas. Equipped with a 55 gallon water tank, and Waterax pump with drafting capability. Also equipped with a bed to carry the stokes basket which is used for removing patients from hard to access areas. 

This page last updated on 8/19/2023.

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